Odisee Libraries

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The libraries will remain closed for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. However, check the campus library pages for more information as the possibilities for reopening differ between campus libraries.

If needed loan periods can be extended and if due to the COVID-19 crisis accrued fines can be waived. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

The libraries provide Scan on Demand: staff and students can request a digital copy (with respect of copy right regulations) of an article from a journal or a chapter from a book free of charge. Send us an e-mail with the correct references. We will do our best to deliver these requests as soon as possible.

Check the library campus page for extra services specific to that campus library.

Here you will find information about the services provided by the Odisee libraries. Odisee has a library on its 5 campuses. Each campus library’s collection is focused on the courses taught at that campus, as well as for the professional courses as the KU Leuven academic courses on campus.

All students and staff from KU Leuven Associatie instututions have free access to all the libraries from KU Leuven and association university colleges.

In all our libraries, all users must respect the Belgian Copyright Act and related legislation.

Should you still have questions you can mail these to us at the following addresses:

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