Borrowing audiovisual equipment

In the learning center, you can borrow not only printed media and didactic materials. In fact, all campuses have a wide range of audiovisual materials (AVM) that students and staff can borrow for short periods of time. Is your laptop under repair? Do you need a camera for an assignment? We are happy to help you out!

Enkele laptops en microfoons

Cheqroom: the online tool for reserving and borrowing audiovisual equipment

If you need a laptop, camera or other audiovisual equipment for a short period, you can borrow it after making a reservation for a maximum of two weeks. On the campuses of Aalst, Brussels, Dilbeek, Schaarbeek and Sint-Niklaas you can reserve and borrow equipment via Cheqroom and pick up the materials at the AVM or library desk. To borrow AVM on campus Ghent email for iPads, microphones and webcams to for cameras and video cameras.

The online manual for using Cheqroom will help you get started. Be sure to include the loan regulations before you borrow anything.


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Audiovisueel uitleenmateriaal

Promotional clip Cheqroom

Curious to know how we manage audiovisual equipment loan? Check out the promo clip that Cheqroom shot on our campus in Brussels.


Borrowing audiovisual material

Explore the assortment on your campus and book right away!