Getting to know the learning centers

On this page you will find everything you need to know when you visit a learning center for the first time. Even as a loyal visitor you might discover something new.

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Getting around the learning centers

In the learning centers, you can consult the library collections of the programs on your campus and as an active student or staff member of Odisee, KU Leuven or another university of applied sciences of the association you can also borrow items. In Dilbeek, you can borrow and return items independently at the self-scan station (be sure not to forget your student or staff card!). In the other learning centers, a staff member will scan your items at the desk.

The learning centers however, offer many more possibilities. You can study in a quiet and stimulating environment, work together, copy, scan and print ... On some campuses you can also practice with didactic materials and multimedia such as smart boards.


Yes, you can use TimeEdit for booking  individual as well as group spaces to study or collaborate.

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All learning centers are freely accessible. So you can certainly go into the learning center to study, but the library collection is for consultation only.

In addition, you may scan for free and copy for a fee.

The library desk staff and other members of the team are happy to help you with specific questions. For more extensive or complex information, please contact the learning center first by ticket.

Teachers can additionally request a tour or session on information literacy for their students via a ticket

Contact the team

External visitors can contact the learning centers through the email addresses for each campus:

Mail Learning Center Aalst

Mail Learning Center Brussels

Mail Learning Center Dilbeek

Mail Learning Center Sint-Niklaas

Mail Learning Center Technology Campus Ghent


You may hold 30 items at a time. Audiovisual materials do not count.

If you are not connected to an Odisee campus, this number is limited to 10. In that case, you are not allowed to use AVM materials anyway.


Some items you may borrow, others you may not. The standard loan period is two weeks. Different terms are possible for each type of material and each learning center. Look for a possible indication on the item, or ask a library staff member.

For audiovisual material the lending period is a maximum of 2 weeks.

Your items are not automatically renewed, so remember to do this yourself. You can do this from home, if you are logged in at Limo. Please note, renewing is only possible on the condition that the current loan period has not yet been exceeded and the maximum loan period has not yet been reached. If someone else has reserved one of your items, you may still finish the current term, but extending is not an option for that item then.

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An item shown by the catalog as available you take off the shelves yourself (unless the shelf is not accessible, as in the case of game materials or an archival work). However, you can reserve a loaned item from Limo. As soon as it arrives, you will be automatically notified by e-mail and it will be ready for you at the desk. 

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Reservations for audiovisual equipment can be made via Cheqroom.

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You can access the library catalog Limo on a computer in the learning center, your laptop and smartphone, and at your home. Sign in to get the most detailed info. Click on your search result to check availability and call number. Make sure you are looking at the right campus. Write down or memorize the call number and look for the corresponding section in the library, the correct shelf, and finally the book with identical data on the spine label. If the catalog indicates that your book is on loan to someone else, you can immediately click to reserve it. 

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Yes. If you need a book or other item that is not in your campus library's collection but is available at another location, you can have it transferred for free. You then make an ILL (interlibrary loan) request through a ticket. You can also make your request from the search results in Limo, provided you are logged in.

This service is free for ILLs within Belgium.You will receive an email as soon as you can pick up the book at the desk of your learning center. 

For each business day from the expiration of the loan period, you will be charged €0.10 per item. Card payments at the library desk only.

Notify a staff member at your learning center as soon as possible to avoid a late return fine. In any case, you will have to pay the cost of a new copy, plus an administrative fee. 

Fill out the form below and hand it in by email or at the desk to officially report the loss.

Form damage/loss library materials

If you need a laptop, camera, or other audiovisual equipment for a short period of time, you can borrow it after reservation for up to two weeks.

You can reserve and borrow materials via Cheqroom and collect the materials at the desk. 

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Wifi, printing, scanning ...

On campus you can easily connect to the network Campusroam. To do so, log on with or KU Leuven students and staff use or

With the same credentials, you can also sign up with Eduroam, which gives you internet access at various Belgian and international educational institutions.

More about network connection

You can scan for free on the Ricoh copiers and send the files to an email address or save them to a USB drive that you insert into the device.

Scanning instructions

To print, upload the document in pdf on the Papercut web application, via After you have submitted the print job, you can print on a printer of your choice. To do so, sign in by badging your student or staff card on the device. Make sure you log out afterwards.

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Instructies Papercut

Scanning is free.

For printing and copying the following rates will be charged:

  • black and white A4: € 0.035
  • color A4: € 0.14
  • double sided (standard in Papercut): 25% discount on the total price
  • large formats: multiples of A4 (e.g. A3 counts as 2 A4s)
Getting to know the learning centers

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