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For writing a paper or composing your bachelor thesis you need reliable and often very specific information. It is important that you can efficiently search, select, assess and correctly use information in a critical way. Since that is not an easy task, we would like to give you some tips & tricks.

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    Always consult the search platform Limo, where you can search through the entire collection of your learning center as well as those of other campuses, colleges and universities. With one hit you get an overview of all available information on a certain subject, both physical and digital.

    You can filter by your campus library to get only directly accessible results. To know where a book, magazine ... is exactly located in the library, click to view the call number. That number corresponds to the spine label of the book. You can have items from other libraries transferred via ILL. Preferably make your request with a ticket.

    Make sure to sign in to save your searches, reserve and renew books, and to get as much details possible both on and off campus.

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    Databases are not only useful for efficiently searching through a lot of information, but are often the way to find up-to-date information on topics that are constantly evolving. Unlike with print media, you are not tied to a particular edition.

    Some online databases you can only access on campus, others everywhere after registration, and some are completely free. An overview of all databases by research area can be found here.

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    Google Scholar

    Through the free online search engine Google Scholar you can find scientific, reliable publications. Most publications are available full-text. Google Scholar searches not only major databases such as Springer and Wiley, but also the collections of colleges and universities.  

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    Lean Library

    Lean Library is a browser extension that interacts with Odisee's library system and gives you quick access to articles, e-books and other subscriptions. After installing the extension, Lean Library offers interesting digital resources via a pop-up screen when searching via Google Scholar or Pubmed. Those may be open access sources, but can also be articles from paying databases which you can access through Odisee.

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    External libraries

    UniCat is a very comprehensive science-oriented catalog of Belgian libraries:


    You can also search internationally via WorldCat:


    Are you looking for a non-scientific publication? Try the public library near your campus:

    Public Library Aalst: Utopia

    Brussels Public Library: Muntpunt

    Public Library Dilbeek

    Public Library Ghent: De Krook

    Public Library Sint-Niklaas

    Did you know that through most Flemish libraries you can access digital newspapers and current affairs magazines? If you are a member (paying or non-paying) of a public library, for a limited number this is even possible from home. Note: GoPress is only available in Dutch.

    Discover GoPress


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