In the collections of the various campus libraries, you will find a wide range of library materials: books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, reference books, textbooks, hand puppets, educational game materials ... Consult the library catalog Limo to see if the material you need is available. In addition to the physical collection, there is also a wide digital selection: databases, online magazines, e-books ... Some of these you can only consult on campus, while others are also accessible from home.

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Digital Collection


In addition to printed reference books, the learning centers also offer e-resources relevant to the various courses. Some of these you can only access on campus, others everywhere after registration, and some are completely free. You can find the complete overview here.

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Electronic journals and articles

If you click on E-journals in Limo's navigation menu, you will get an alphabetical list of all available electronic journals. You can also enter a journal title as a search, or the title of an article, if you are looking for something specific. After entering a title or keyword, you can filter your results list by Type of source in the left column. Choose Magazine or Article.

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The digital collection also includes e-books. You will find links to the e-books among the search results in Limo and directly through online  databases such as EBSCO and  SpringerLink.

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Dictionaries proof to be useful in any education. You can find physical copies in each library, but even faster and more convenient are the online dictionaries. Using the link below, you can search various Van Dale dictionaries, such as the Dikke Van Dale and translation dictionaries.

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Digital newspapers

The Odisee collection focuses on scientific literature and databases relevant to the courses taught. Digital newspapers are not among them. For some assignments or research, a newspaper article may still be of interest. We are happy to refer you to GoPress, a digital newspaper kiosk with archives that you can access from home through most public libraries.

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Physical Collection


The learning centers offer (trade) journals, both current and past volumes. If you are not allowed to borrow a particular copy, you can always make scans or copies of the articles you need. To look up journals in the catalog, go to Limo (in the learning center or at home), select Physical copies in Odisee next to your keyword in the search bar and filter on the left by Articles or Journals.


Books, books, books! The learning centers house meters of books, arranged by course and subject. Most of the books can be borrowed, some reference works and other books are available for consultation only. Search in Limo by subject, title, author ... and filter by Books as source type.


On campuses with teacher training programs, you will find textbooks. The collection consists of methods for the various school subjects and finals. Certain methods exist (also) in digital versions, or have digital supplements. So be sure to check out the learning platforms.

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Didactic material

In addition to books and magazines, the learning centers also provide didactic materials. Brightening up your internship in kindergarten with a hand puppet? Need toy money for math class? Practice spelling skills with a game of Scrabble?  In addition to these educational game materials, you can also borrow CDs, DVDs and sports equipment. The selection varies from campus to campus and depends on the courses offered. Ask a library staff member about the possibilities.


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Our collection is constantly evolving. Discover the acquisitions here.